Sunday, June 22, 2008

Latest Pics of Fam!!!

June 2008

Look aren't they the world's cutest kids anyone has ever seen!!!

This was taken as a Father's day gift at the park and this was the only good one out of like 15 shots, let me tell ya, and this was the first one. (I am noticing a pattern with our picture taking, the first one is always the cutest the rest well, I will put up a few and you tell me....

See told ya, and what in the world is Spencer doing in the last one you might ask, well, next time you talk to him, he will tell ya!!

And this is a new addition to the family we picked it up at the local zoo.

This is Cydney at her last day of school eating ice cream.... and forgot where her mouth was.

She is such a cutie growin' up so.....

Cydney is my little helper, she loves to take care of Jayden, well until she starts to cry and her rockin' the baby is not helping.

Spencer is our local funny man not sure if he is eating or why I took this pic, maybe to show everyone that I really do feed him :)

He so funny, he has been in more mischief these days. He is into doin stunts and so cool dance moves that he makes up with twists and turns and jumps. Right now he is working on jump spins with a back flip. Crazy kid. He is my little hero though.