Monday, December 28, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning!!!

Yeah!!!! We scored from santa this year! Love you!!!!!

Pouting anyone.

Jayden at her finest, she was upset because I would not let her have a cookie before lunch. I tried to give her one shortly after and well, she as you can tell started to smirk and got the cookie. She is a little spoiled, don't ya think.

Cydney Christmas Pics

Here is a pic of Cydney when we were trying for the 2nd time to get Family Christmas pics, she is so pretty! Spencer took this pic of Cydney relaxing on the couch. Looks so nice to to relax.

This is at Cydney's 2nd grade program. They all wore there jammies. It was so cute and Cydney did really well at her part. She had a solo, reading it was awesome! Go Cydney!

Jumpin" Around

Just the other day we set all the pillows up in the living room and well we all started to jump as high as we could and land on the pillows. The kiddos had sooo much, they loved it. Even when they landed on each other they still were laughing and having so much fun.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spence ???

Ok, so I know the video if off but it is stinkin' funny.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

By the sweat of my brow....

Ok, so I have had this material for at least 7 years, and could not figure what to do with it. Until Cydney got way into skirts. Now, the final products. Cydney's was a pattern and Jayden's was done by pure imagination and it actually went pretty smoothly( let's just say I prayed a lot!) It was mainly the underskirt on Jayden's that I was really hesitate, if you can not tell from the picture it can stand up all by itself (yea!). Yes, all those ruffles underneath, but really it was not nearly as bad as it usually is for me when I make the ruffles. I would take a picture underneath and show you but...... then you could see that I accidently melted some of the netting when I ironed it. ( note to self do not iron netting on cotton setting, what was I thinking??) Anywho, now it is up to you to tell me what shirt to wear with it. I was thinking a white shirt with a red cardigan at Target, that kind of looks crocheted with a bow in the middle. Now if they are still there I am not so sure. Cross your fingers for me....

Thanksgiving lunch... yummy!

Well, if you know me I always pick out deserts before I pick a meal. This puppy is the Ultimate Pie it is a cheesecake, pumpkin pie with chocolate and peacans on top. You have got to try it I found it on my picture does not do it justice so hop on over there and take a look and be jealous. It was totally yummy and very rich. Here is our dinner nothing to spectacular but I went on over to Paula Deen's website (she is my favorite, some day I will make it down to Lady and Son's restaurant, someday soon) and made
the Sweet Potato Roll. It was great, a little too sweet but good.

Here we are Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I will be exercising right about now. Kids move over I need to use the tv, and die for about 40 mins. Gotta love Jillian Micheals.
PS Kurt did Jayden's hair, pretty funny huh, oh sweet Jayden we still love you!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have the best Neighbor Alive!!! ahahahhahahahahha!

can we all say cheese!!!!

I tell you what no one can say they have the best neighbors except for me. I swear I have never had suck awesome neighbors and especially this one in particular. She is amazing!

We all love her so much. Jayden runs over to her house all the time, everytime we pass her house or go outside she calls her name and wants to go and say hi! In fact on of the pictures that I posted that she took she is running over to her.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soccer anyone?

Spencer is the one the the NY beanie, baby blue, etc......
I, Spencer, totally rock at soccer!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Spencer!!!!
By the way that game was freezing, and the one that we were suppose to go to on Monday... HAH! No way honey is was freezing and raining and Jayden and I were coughing up our lungs, so, no thanks. Spence has one more game though this season.


My Sweet nephew, the picture says it all!

Here is the cutest little fairy princess ever...

So.... who do you think this is???

Here is one of the Sanderson sisters' we can not remember her name.... The one with the red hair.... you know from Hocus Pocus...
good pose huh, it is so how they move.. lololol

Friday, November 6, 2009

Make it and love it!!

Is one of my favorite sites. I have just put the button to the sidebar so click and go there. Also, she is having an awesome give away. So, click on the button and go and enter it is way cute and you will not be disappointed!

love ya guys!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What do you think???

So, I am totally thinking about starting a blog. I will probably start it tomorrow. It will be injunction with acouple of other blogs to get the good deals, and the eats are at. So, tell me what you think. I know some of you out there are dying for some of my specials. So let me know what you think??

Grandma Skidmore Breakfast Anyone???

So, this morning I am feeling the Grandma Skidmore breakfast. Sounds good right? I know you all want to know what that is so I will tell you and you can have some too!!!
It contains: Scrambled eggs
all bran cereal (except I had Honey Nut Cheerios)
Juice (usually OJ)

And that is it. Oh yummy to my tummy.

Love ya Grandma!!

Tomorrow I am thinking a Grandma Nancy breakfast!!! You will have to find out tomorrow what that is.... She actually has two, I will eat her new one and my kids will eat the one I grew up with. Yummy!

Our Family Trip Northward Bound

So, we decided on a whim to visit our sweet friends the Berg's up in Iowa, and go to Nauvoo last weekend. On our ride home we realized we did not breakout the photo happy at the Berg's so sad to say there are no fam pics with our friends. :( But the memories will always be there, the kids are still talking about it, and Jayden is destined to get a stroller for here baby the little chairs are just not working and everytime we go to Target she "gets cranky" until we head over to the baby section and look at the strollers and babies. Thanks again "Berg's" for letting us come and see you!!! :)
So here we are on the carriage ride that was by far very interesting, but toooooo long for the kids, 1.5hours in the car and then 45 minutes on a carraige ride, they were ready to run!!

Here is the Nauvoo Temple, very beautiful don't you think.

Here are the cutest kids ever in front of the temple.

And here is one of the Christ statues in front of one of the Churches ????? I am not sure which one????

We had so much fun. Spencer and Cydney were able to make a rope and see how candles were made and how the cooked and make cookies. We also went to the Carthridge Jail, that I think we were only able to stay for 15 minutes top, the kids were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to restless, it was kind of embarressing, you could hardly hear the man speaking. All in all it was very "peaceful" and extremely neat to see and hear about Joseph Smith and to be apart of the history umpteen million years later......

Sunday, October 4, 2009


ok, so I need a better camera, but I was fiddling with the good old photoshop and if you can tell what theses are great!! We were coloring and watching general conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at anywho, hopefully that link works if your curious. Anywho, and Cydney looks up and out our back window and low and behold there is a whole flock of wild turkeys in our backyard. They walked up to our playset and it looked like one of them wanted to play. Then I came out and they started for the forest. I got as close as I could before I was digested by a swarm of very hungry mosquitos. Only in Tennessee, unless you all get wild turkeys in your backyard too. This is going to add to our list, we soooo do not need a pet at all we have: snakes, frogs, lizards, deer, rabbits, turtles, giant man eating spiders and now wild turkeys. We are just soooo lucky don't you think! Hallejuah for houses to keep all those creatures out of.

September fun!

So here is the fam, minus the absolutely beautiful one behind the camera....(hehe) We are having a snack it looks like.. Not sure why I took that picture, but here we are all fabuloso. This is called a cake pop, minus the stick of coarse, if you want to know how to make them go to, they are amazingly yummy and fun to make. Anyway this is what it looks like before.....
And this is what it looks like after some one stills it off the table. Yum.

Here is my handsome man running in one of the many rainy days we had this September. He was having so much fun running around the circle and yelling probably waking any sleeping thing. He is too funny, I think he is planning his next move and taking a much needed break.. If you look at him you would think it was raining upside down, his head looks dry and the rest of his body is soaking wet. Thanks to our slope in the front yard, and the gravitational pull to roll on down that there hill. LOl.

Ok, so last month I was in the mood for Tres Leche Cake. Yum, it is soooo yummy, I found an excellent recipe on website on the cooking tab. Any way she used cherries and I used pineapple too. And loads of whipping cream. It was definately a 37 minute stair steppin' climb to get that cake off, but well worth it.

I just noticed I don't have any pics of Cydney. Next post I will put some up. She is doing great and is a very good helper, we and I love her very much.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

August-90 dgrees-90 percent humidity........

Spencer....... Any questions?

Sacred Grove Topic

Ok, this morning Cydney and I were talking about going up to Navoo in October for fall break. Well, I went on to the church website
and I was looking at Historical pictures of the church well, I came across the Sacred Grove, and I asked Cydney if she wanted to go there, her reply " Yeah, but no praying." I am sorry but that is just to funny, if you know Cydney and her dramaticness on how she likes to word things, if only I could have recorded it for you all, it was too fun.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A little update!!

!!!!!!!!THIS IS AN ALERT!!!!!!!!
YOU MUST GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND READ THE LOVE STORY IT WILL MELT YOUR HEART!!! It is a true story and PG, so no worries there!!!

Ok, so here are a little of the things I have been up to. I made Jayden and Abby a cute little outfit and bow, of course this one is Abby's because of the "a" and Jayde's has a "j" on it.. I was at the local Hobby Lobby in the 'boro and I was asking me hubby which material pattern he liked I was clueless, and so was he, until this sweet girl was eaves droppin' (bless her heart, and thank you too) said are you sewing, I said yes, I am sewing something for my sweet neice. She told me what to do and what material to use and vuala!!!! Cute huh!!! Here is the baby bag I made for my mom's friend and the cute little giraffe stuff animal to go with it too. Kind of fun!!!
Cydney at her first day of 2nd. this picture looks a lot like her first day of kindgarten and 1st grade. Her trying to stay upright with all the stuff in her bag!!! She needs to grow some muscles!

Playing on our new swingset that our awesome old neighbors gave to us. They have so much fun on it. Now we just need to land scrape the whole back yard so it does not sound so scary. Love that Tennessee but collection and wild life in our back yard.

Ok, one day for some strange reason at this given time Jayden ran away from me and hid under her bed. I do not know what spooked her or if I was going to suck her nose or change her poopy or what, all I remember she went and hid under her bed and I ran to get my camera, and by that time she had started to get out, so is the only pic I got, I thought it was too cute!
So, one morning I near had a severe heart attack. I looked into Jayden's bed and she was not there!!! I looked back in our bed and she was not in there either, so I was going to go and see if Cydney knew where she was and low and behold there they are the two cuties!! ( I had mixed emotions about wanting to " ____" Cydney for taking Jayden out of her bed and sleeping in bed together, and thought tooo... that it was the worlds most precious moment of two sisters who absolutely love each. Here is Spencer playing at the Discovery Center yesterday! Spencer did great his first full week of Kindergarten. He loves his teacher, she is great!

Spencer's first day of School, my perfect little boy, who I will tell you more when I have a sec, about scaling fences at school, and putting himself in the freezer at Walmart. Ok, so I hear the darnedest things abou the little man at school. The student teacher informed me that during recess one day they saw a kid scaling the fence(now this fence is a chain link fence about 6 or more feet tall) so all at once all these teachers start blowing their whistles and "this said kid" keeps going and climbing this fence. Well, by the time they got to "this said kid" he was straddling the fence about ready to go over and....... it was...... almost to late and..............

They told him that "this said kid" could not climb the fence and all the kids around him were telling "this said kid" that he could not climb the fence. His reply was " Yeah, I can look, I just did. (I am sure that "this said kid" was rolling his eyes, in saying HELLO, DUH!!! I am a SUPERHERO!) In the end they got "this said kid" down from the fence and asked him why he was climbing the fence, his response " I was getting the ball on the otherside, we wanted to play with it." A few days before,"this said kid" was sitting next to a boy all quiet and shy and then out of nowhere they were wrestlying on the carpet trying to attack each other (of coarse it was all in fun the were playing I think transformers or something I was told.) Oh, and the teacher was asking "this said kid" what his mommy does- his reply "She makes cookies!"

Now a week or so before school started we were all at Walmart getting our free candybars, love the couponing, and we were checking out (now mind you we just went in to get the candy not a long drawn out visit, just a quicky)hehe... Anywho, back on to the subject we were in line and it was our turn next, well our new neighbor that we had not met was in front of us (what a quinky,dinky) we said hi, and she was talking to the lady behind us and "this said kid" decided to pass by her and jump into the freezer--- you know the one that holds all the ice cubes usually located at the front of the stores--- and sit on the ice and close the door. All the while I am trying to keep Jayden from jumping out of the cart and Cydney from adding gum to the candy purchase!!! I watched the whole thing unable to yell loud enough over our new neighbor( she was probably thinking this is why I am never having kids and this lady is crazy) "this said kid" comes back and says "that was cold"-- YOU THINK!!!! DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!! NO CANDY FOR YOU BUSTER!!

My favorite picture of the day!!!! I feel her pain. I am not sure I remember what she was crying about, all I remember is that I definatelly felt her pain that day and I am shocked I got such a cute picture of her crying, don't worry as soon as I picked her up she was fine. I just had to get that picture, maybe one day when we have saved up enough I can get a cool camera and take better pics but for now I think I am doing a pretty good job.

And then my next favorite picture!!!! Self explanitory!!!!