Friday, February 13, 2009

Family Febuary 2009

My cute little kids playing all together how peaceful. I think this was one of the only times that I did not hear that someone was hitting or saying something mean or whatever to the other one. They were just playing so calmly, I had to take a picture to remind me and to make it known to them that they can play with each other safely and nicely.

Then Jayden decided to take Spencer's legos and the yelling starts again.... So, out went the lights it was bed time.

HEHEHE!!! Oh, the powers of motherhood.... You can put your kids to bed whenever you think they are truely ready and honey they were beyond ready. Trust me. But still they truly are too cute when they are well rested and they are all getting along.

Putting her to work at an early age. She loves to help her mommy with folding and putting them on. She has a huge clothes feddish. She loves to try them on.

Here is a little clip of Jayden dancin' to some Twightlight music. She is learning the spaz dance I think??? She is totally cute when she is dancing she has a really cute smile and just is too cute!