Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have the best Neighbor Alive!!! ahahahhahahahahha!

can we all say cheese!!!!

I tell you what no one can say they have the best neighbors except for me. I swear I have never had suck awesome neighbors and especially this one in particular. She is amazing!

We all love her so much. Jayden runs over to her house all the time, everytime we pass her house or go outside she calls her name and wants to go and say hi! In fact on of the pictures that I posted that she took she is running over to her.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soccer anyone?

Spencer is the one the the NY beanie, baby blue, etc......
I, Spencer, totally rock at soccer!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Spencer!!!!
By the way that game was freezing, and the one that we were suppose to go to on Monday... HAH! No way honey is was freezing and raining and Jayden and I were coughing up our lungs, so, no thanks. Spence has one more game though this season.


My Sweet nephew, the picture says it all!

Here is the cutest little fairy princess ever...

So.... who do you think this is???

Here is one of the Sanderson sisters' we can not remember her name.... The one with the red hair.... you know from Hocus Pocus...
good pose huh, it is so how they move.. lololol