Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jayden is a crazy Dancer Baby!!

Ok, so I totally think that this is to funny not to share. She is soooo funny when she starts to dance!!

Spencer's phtography and Sweet Jayden Moments

So Spencer was being Mr. Photographer the other day. Well, you can see for yourself, he took a pic of the screen of the computer with Sid the Science kid game on it.
And here is one of mommy's flower daddy got her a very very long time ago. (the only reason I am emphasize the very very very very very long time is because Kurt is sitting right next to me and reading this as I go. Hopefully he will get the HINT.....) No just kidding, really don't like getting them anyway :(

One night Jayden had to have her baby's with her to sleep. I thought I downloaded the one when we was asleep but this is pretty much what she looked like all night but asleep. It was too cute. Or was it her nap? It all runs together.

Ok so I was painting my toe nails and Jayden wanted her toe nails and finger nails done. So, I sat her on the toilet and she sat there patiently while I painted all 4, and I blow dryed them as well, obviously because who wants red nail polish all over their house.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!!! Love ya all!!!