Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Project...... Landscape for everyone but me......haha/ oh and my new hair

Here is our humble home okay, so we are going to landscape the front yard in the spring, we need ideas, let them roll on in, so comment lots. There is a tree in the center, and the bushes in the front. That is it. A couple of other things it needs to be low maintenance, because everyyear I non-intentionally kill 3 bushes. So, you need to find me the names and tell me how to plant and where to plant it is going to be a big job for anyone who reads this, and I know who you are so I will be hunting you down come the spring so start now, because I am totally clueless. Otherwise this would have been done a loooooonnnngggg time ago, becuase lets be honest here, it is driving me crazy.
Look here is our railing that we did all (well almost all) by ourselves.
PS do you see the white paint streek down the center of the stairs, yeah someone thought that (he) not mentioning any names.... would so graciously help and we make (him) scrub and we scrubbed and got paint scrubber offer stuff and it is still there. We are going to get a power sprayer thingy to hopefully get it off. So perdy huh!!

Oh, look here is the cause.....
Spencer and I one day wanted to make a scary haunted house and eat it all up well the gingerbread that we made was to soft so we had to hurry and take a quick pic before it fell again, right after this pic was taken it fell again, so we just ate it, untill we got sick and then we threw it out.

Here is a pic of sweet Jade and my hair lightish (look down....)

And here it is with the "A la Naomi StyleBox O'Wallyworld" so what do ya think?? It is kinda close up I am totally sure I could look alot better but when it is just me and Spence cookin up somethin' good and tastey in the good ol' kitchen then there ya go, a close up I am suprised actually that there is no frosting on us. I am pretty sure that was the day we made the HAUNTED gingerbread house. ooohhhhh..... Scary...