Sunday, February 15, 2009

Downtown Nashville walk...

Hey wait there mister those are my balloons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids are trying to pose infront of the famous Gibson Guitar but obviously the sun is in there eyes.....

And now they are posing in front of this plastic dog, Cydney is totally done with the pics and ready to go home.
So, we have totally had such a great day, I love to hang out with my kids. They are so much fun. I love them so much. They are too great!

Trains TO Play with yeah!!!!

I don't know but Jayden was sure having soooo much fun playing with Annie and Clarabel. I tried to give her Thomas or Percy but she only wanted those two that she has in her hands and she is flailing them all over they place. I am suprised she did not hit the kid next to her!! Ok, so sweet Cydney, I had lost her for a second I was keeping an eye on the other two and Cydney went off, well as I was looking this train kept on hitting my leg I almost pushed it out of my way itwas getting really annoying, and look there was Cydney in her glory trying to play with me. Thank goodness I "found" her I was getting a little nervous that place was packed. She was so funny in it.

I s this not one of the coolest train tracks. It is like a roller coaster..

Spence and Jayden are playin' together with the trains. Spence ended up moving because Jayden was playing with the tracks and of coarse he did not like that....


So here we are at the Train Convention downtown Nashville. Jayden and I are standing in the forever long line so Cydney and Spencer can ride Thomas, Annie and Clarabel the trains one time around. Well they had fun.
Jayden and I were playing with the camera here she is trying to get it. What a funny girl.
She is getting pretty heavy in that front pack, my shoulders were totally killing me after 2 or so hours of toting her in it. Sorry totally just noticed I did not turn the picture but you get the point!!

Cute Cydney and Spencer posing infront of the model trains that we were all looking at while still in the line patiently waiting to ride.

And they are off on the train one time around. Oh, well they were having fun. The things we do for our kiddos they will never know. Or they will because we will continue to remind them of all we do for them.. hehe...

Taking a cheeze pic before we get out. Aren't they the cutest sardines ever. I swear they smashed those kids in those trains, that little boy is sitting on Cydney's lap, what a sweet girl she doesn't mind helping out one bit.