Saturday, April 18, 2009


Cydney say cheese!! I think she is not very vain, she just likes the camera (so does not get that from me, more like her aunt nana!!)

As you can tell it was really hot at the Zoo that day... She was dying hence the haircut in the following picture.
Cydney had just gotten her hair cute in this picture.

Isn't she sooo cute and adorable here. She absolutely loves to pose. Cydney loves to ride bikes, if we are outside she is riding her bike!

Thanks Grandma Skidmore for the cute clothes... What a cute model!

Cydney and Isis getting ready to go to the Hannah Monatana movie!! We had sooo much fun. It was kind of scary that is the day that the Tornado hit Murfreesboro it was a F4. We drove down to Murf to get some cake at Julia's Bakery and got stuck in traffic, not realizing that is where the tornado hit. We got to see all the damage it was really sad. But we still had lots of fun on our girls outing! :)
Cydney at school celebrating her 7th birthday!!! They also had an Easter egg hunt that day too, score Cydney'f Birthday!!

Cydneyis such a good little mommy helping with Jayden all the time and encouraging Spencer to "clean your room" "eat your food" and "go to your room." She is great at everything she does. She is reading 3rd grade books, she is at the top of her class with reading, math, and is always very helpful to her teacher. She is the tallest girl in her class. She loves chocolate. She is a singer, dancer, she wants to be Hannah Montana, a mom, a doctor, when she grows up. Kurt claims she is a daddy's girl, but in real life, she loves me more and just doesn't know it.......
She is loving first grade. Her favorite thing to say is " Stop treating me like a child, I am not a child anymore..." Then 10 minutes later she says " I can't do that I am just a child..." Go figure... She is very dramatic and I absolutely love it. She is very fun to be with when she has had sleep. She is our adorable red head.. I love you Cydney!!!! Love Mom