Monday, September 15, 2008

Jayden Anne

here is a little up close and personal

At the Zoo with our bestest buddies!!!

Some reason we went on one of the hotest days to the zoo. But it was still very fun. Cydney is holding her friend Isis's hand and Isabel's hand. Spencer is holding Braxen's and Liam's hand. They are our family friends.

Look we are adding another one to the family. Isn't she adorable... She needed to spray us not herself.... HAY!!! ELEPHANTE we are a sweatin' over here!!

My little First grader!!

My little first grader! Isn't she so beautiful. I am so proud of her. She is doing very well in school. She loves to help me out with Spencer and Jayden. She also loves High School Musical, her favorite character is Sharpay. Crazy but she wants all things Fabulous!!

Spencer at his practice!!

Kind of blurry but there he is!! The third from the left..

Wow, sorry these pics are blurry, but still the same handsome Spencer.
He has played in two games and when he starts playing he absolutely loves playing and kicks that soccer ball pretty hard!

I'm AWAKE!!!!!!!

Here I am still awake and ready to eat with the family.......... Slowly I am trying so hard to stay awake......

Wow, ok, I am out....

I am sooo tired just trying to keep up with my big brother and sister...

Isn't she so cute..