Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Spencer is way excited over all his presents!!!
She was totally excited her face was lit up all day. What a kodac moment.

Isn't she sooo cute, Cydney and Spencer woke her up at 5 something she is so excited and extremely tired too.

Later that day we went to go and see Bedtime Stories as a family, it was fun.
I tried to download a video of that morning but it was tooo long so I need to clip it down and then I will put it on.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Christmas Eve!

We had Christmas Eve with Joanna, Quinn, and Austin. I just now noticed that Austin is lookin' at the ceiling fan, how cute. Joanna and I just got done with a little water fight. She totally cheated you will have to ask her for details, the little cheater.....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So this is what we did during Stake Conference and it was all Joanna's Fault!!

Ok, so we weren't paying a whole lot attention to the people who were talking at stake conference, but who could when Joanna was making Jayden do this the whole time. PS I don't think that cameras were aloud but this isn't a camera it was a Flip Cam. Totally not the same thing.

I was going to post another video but they take a little longer than a decade to download. So, I will have to post another one tomorrow.

Hop on the good ol' blog on Christmas I am going to download the kiddos opening there gifts!!!

Some more fun in December!

I love this one, all except for the fact that it is a little blurry, thank goodness we are getting a camera for Christmas. Thanks to Mrs. Claus for getting up at the butt crack of dawn, forget it, it was still dark and the parking lot was full of crazy's at the good ol' Wally World (aka Walmart).

I took those pics this morning 12/21/08. Right before chuch. Aren't they so adorable!! I think so too!!!

Cydney has lost her front teeth just in time for Christmas. All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth, an Ipod, fashion clothes, webkins......................................

Sheesh she should just be thankful to get her two front teeth so she can eat her favorite food again, or talk right.

Cydney got up one morning and made a hide out in her room well it was not big enough for her so her, Spencer and daddy all helped make this huge one in the living room on Sunday. They watched Ester, and Samuel the Lamanite (thanks grandma Nancy) we totally love the movies.
It was really fun while it lasted you should have seen the popcorn pile the vacuum sure was full after that little party.