Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kurt and I on our payed Vaca!!!!!! Chateau Whistler anyone????

So, here we are on our way to an all exclusives payed vaca with..... this is the best part...
wait for it....
wait for it ....
NO KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 8 long years folks we are finally going to have a little vaca by ourselves... So , here we are again sittin' on the ol' airplane, all the while Kurt is telling me he wants to become an airplane pilot and fly airplanes for the rest of his life!! Sounds pretty awesome don't it??!!!!

We arrived at the Vancouver airport to find out they are going to be having the 2010 Olympics in Whistler!! So, there yes was loads of construction everywhere. But it was pretty cool to see all the places that they were going to have the events and stay where they are going to be staying.

A pic of Vancouver, Canada.

The "room number" of where no children will be seen!!!! AHAHHAHAHHAHaaaaahaha!
This is the infamous resort we stayed at it had 4 hot tubs two pools, a spa, workout room, luxurious everything, and NO Forsyth KIDS!!!!!! (Although(of coarse) I missed them like crazy, but it was still nice to have a little break)

And this was our door man to save us from all the cougar attacks, since the bears are suppose to be extremely friendly.
Just kidding there were real people out there too, I think this guy was from the village shops in the upper village.
Here is one of the views from our room. Amazing isn't it. I am almost certain this photo was taken at 10 or so at NIGHT people, the sun never sets there, it almost seams like.

Dell folks at the Local Hy's Steakhouse for a 4+ course dinner, and the best freakin' Pepsi I have ever had!!! I think I had like 6+ pepsi's that night. I think that the Pepsi was by far the best thing at this place!

A picture of us before I took a dive off the teter-totter at the mountain bike park!!! Silly me always doin' the crazy stuff!

Here we are at the top Blackcomb mountain or the Whistler Mountain, can't remember all I can remember is it felt like sub zero and the wind chill was not helping either. I wonder if Canada new it was the end of June, because down here in Tenessee it is a roaring 94 degrees and 100% humidity!!!!! ( Which honestly is way to hot for me, I walked out from my front door to my truck and was dripping in sweat, enough about that, I am sure no one really wants to hear about how sweaty I get from just being outside for a whopping 5 seconds, it is almost like sprinting to your car in the middle of a crazy down pour of rain. Hey, up there I already took a shower!!! Come on....) So, back to the trip..... The statue in the background means something really cool, but I can not remember so go ahead and google it, because I a sure it is worth your time, something like statue on top of Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb mountain, whichever. It was just freezin'!!!!! stinkin'!!!!! cold!!!! If I could describe it, it would be like that one part at the very begining of NEW IN TOWN with Renee Zellwigger where she walk out of the airport and thinks that it could not be that bad. By the way people totally talked liked that up there in Canada, I totally loved it!! "You know"...

This was the final night stay there. They awarded all the people for there great performance and we ate some ok food. I think I will stick with Paula Deans cooking to tell ya'll the truth. They actually had a lobster tail on my plate, I near fainted. It was totally stinky and gross, Kurt liked it though.

Kurt and his awesome reward!!! GO Kurt!

Kurt doing something with his fingers ( I hope that is for#1 and not his "other" finger, I am not sure if this picture is "G" rated for the kids)

This is what our luggage felt like coming home, I think everyone there had to go by another bag, from all the cool stuff they gave us. I know quite a few of us were praying that we did not have to pay extra for our carry ons.... Please be under 50lbs, please be under 50lbs..... What do you think??

Always great to know that we stayed in a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. "Don't ya know."

"And that there" is the end of our "hot" vacation!!! Thanks for all those who supported us in this last little bit of bloggin and I hope you have a great mornin', midday, afternoon, midafternoon, night, really late night, really really late night, really really really late night(if that there bein' the case, ya'll should be in bed now there, honey)
P.S. MOM you are a rock star for coming out and taking care of my kids thanks soooooo much you are the best. I think the kids will remember this summer forever!!!! It was by far the most exciting yet!!! LOVE YOU!!!

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Grandma's and Grandpy's

So here are a couple of prints from the good ol' trip to New Jersey. Let me tell you we all had so much fun we are still trying to get back into a routine after 3 weeks!! My kids are still talking about the swing in grandpy's yard and the fun trips around the yard on the lawn mover. My kids thought that was all they could ever ask for and then................ We all went to Six Flags..... And to all there excitement the met rollercoasters and pop and carni food and all day thrills!!!! I think grandma and grandpy were definately tired after that day. They probably slept like babies, well until 5 am the next morning when all the little grandkiddos were ready to go again!!!

Kurt and I are about to get on the Bus ride of our lives!!!! yeah for NY bus drivers with out you I think the world would be headache and naucious free, thank you for our at risk ride to NY!!! Yeeehaawwww!!!! From good ol' Tennessee!!

I am totally shocked that this was Spencer's last ride and he still wanted to go on it again and again and again!!!!

Spencer, Cydney are totally enjoying the Wiggles dance while I think kurt is totally wore and the funny thing is I think this show was inbetween the 100th time we went on one of the kiddy rides!!!

Grandpy and Jayden could we say more... Oh, how cute!!!!
Cousins riddin' the ferris wheel!!!! Oh, no,what happened to Caden's eye? (heheehe) J/K Erica!!!

So, we really did have so much fun thanks mom and dad for letting us all come and bombard your house and have the summer of our lives. We love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!