Sunday, October 4, 2009


ok, so I need a better camera, but I was fiddling with the good old photoshop and if you can tell what theses are great!! We were coloring and watching general conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at anywho, hopefully that link works if your curious. Anywho, and Cydney looks up and out our back window and low and behold there is a whole flock of wild turkeys in our backyard. They walked up to our playset and it looked like one of them wanted to play. Then I came out and they started for the forest. I got as close as I could before I was digested by a swarm of very hungry mosquitos. Only in Tennessee, unless you all get wild turkeys in your backyard too. This is going to add to our list, we soooo do not need a pet at all we have: snakes, frogs, lizards, deer, rabbits, turtles, giant man eating spiders and now wild turkeys. We are just soooo lucky don't you think! Hallejuah for houses to keep all those creatures out of.

September fun!

So here is the fam, minus the absolutely beautiful one behind the camera....(hehe) We are having a snack it looks like.. Not sure why I took that picture, but here we are all fabuloso. This is called a cake pop, minus the stick of coarse, if you want to know how to make them go to, they are amazingly yummy and fun to make. Anyway this is what it looks like before.....
And this is what it looks like after some one stills it off the table. Yum.

Here is my handsome man running in one of the many rainy days we had this September. He was having so much fun running around the circle and yelling probably waking any sleeping thing. He is too funny, I think he is planning his next move and taking a much needed break.. If you look at him you would think it was raining upside down, his head looks dry and the rest of his body is soaking wet. Thanks to our slope in the front yard, and the gravitational pull to roll on down that there hill. LOl.

Ok, so last month I was in the mood for Tres Leche Cake. Yum, it is soooo yummy, I found an excellent recipe on website on the cooking tab. Any way she used cherries and I used pineapple too. And loads of whipping cream. It was definately a 37 minute stair steppin' climb to get that cake off, but well worth it.

I just noticed I don't have any pics of Cydney. Next post I will put some up. She is doing great and is a very good helper, we and I love her very much.