Saturday, November 28, 2009

By the sweat of my brow....

Ok, so I have had this material for at least 7 years, and could not figure what to do with it. Until Cydney got way into skirts. Now, the final products. Cydney's was a pattern and Jayden's was done by pure imagination and it actually went pretty smoothly( let's just say I prayed a lot!) It was mainly the underskirt on Jayden's that I was really hesitate, if you can not tell from the picture it can stand up all by itself (yea!). Yes, all those ruffles underneath, but really it was not nearly as bad as it usually is for me when I make the ruffles. I would take a picture underneath and show you but...... then you could see that I accidently melted some of the netting when I ironed it. ( note to self do not iron netting on cotton setting, what was I thinking??) Anywho, now it is up to you to tell me what shirt to wear with it. I was thinking a white shirt with a red cardigan at Target, that kind of looks crocheted with a bow in the middle. Now if they are still there I am not so sure. Cross your fingers for me....

Thanksgiving lunch... yummy!

Well, if you know me I always pick out deserts before I pick a meal. This puppy is the Ultimate Pie it is a cheesecake, pumpkin pie with chocolate and peacans on top. You have got to try it I found it on my picture does not do it justice so hop on over there and take a look and be jealous. It was totally yummy and very rich. Here is our dinner nothing to spectacular but I went on over to Paula Deen's website (she is my favorite, some day I will make it down to Lady and Son's restaurant, someday soon) and made
the Sweet Potato Roll. It was great, a little too sweet but good.

Here we are Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I will be exercising right about now. Kids move over I need to use the tv, and die for about 40 mins. Gotta love Jillian Micheals.
PS Kurt did Jayden's hair, pretty funny huh, oh sweet Jayden we still love you!!