Saturday, August 29, 2009

A little update!!

!!!!!!!!THIS IS AN ALERT!!!!!!!!
YOU MUST GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND READ THE LOVE STORY IT WILL MELT YOUR HEART!!! It is a true story and PG, so no worries there!!!

Ok, so here are a little of the things I have been up to. I made Jayden and Abby a cute little outfit and bow, of course this one is Abby's because of the "a" and Jayde's has a "j" on it.. I was at the local Hobby Lobby in the 'boro and I was asking me hubby which material pattern he liked I was clueless, and so was he, until this sweet girl was eaves droppin' (bless her heart, and thank you too) said are you sewing, I said yes, I am sewing something for my sweet neice. She told me what to do and what material to use and vuala!!!! Cute huh!!! Here is the baby bag I made for my mom's friend and the cute little giraffe stuff animal to go with it too. Kind of fun!!!
Cydney at her first day of 2nd. this picture looks a lot like her first day of kindgarten and 1st grade. Her trying to stay upright with all the stuff in her bag!!! She needs to grow some muscles!

Playing on our new swingset that our awesome old neighbors gave to us. They have so much fun on it. Now we just need to land scrape the whole back yard so it does not sound so scary. Love that Tennessee but collection and wild life in our back yard.

Ok, one day for some strange reason at this given time Jayden ran away from me and hid under her bed. I do not know what spooked her or if I was going to suck her nose or change her poopy or what, all I remember she went and hid under her bed and I ran to get my camera, and by that time she had started to get out, so is the only pic I got, I thought it was too cute!
So, one morning I near had a severe heart attack. I looked into Jayden's bed and she was not there!!! I looked back in our bed and she was not in there either, so I was going to go and see if Cydney knew where she was and low and behold there they are the two cuties!! ( I had mixed emotions about wanting to " ____" Cydney for taking Jayden out of her bed and sleeping in bed together, and thought tooo... that it was the worlds most precious moment of two sisters who absolutely love each. Here is Spencer playing at the Discovery Center yesterday! Spencer did great his first full week of Kindergarten. He loves his teacher, she is great!

Spencer's first day of School, my perfect little boy, who I will tell you more when I have a sec, about scaling fences at school, and putting himself in the freezer at Walmart. Ok, so I hear the darnedest things abou the little man at school. The student teacher informed me that during recess one day they saw a kid scaling the fence(now this fence is a chain link fence about 6 or more feet tall) so all at once all these teachers start blowing their whistles and "this said kid" keeps going and climbing this fence. Well, by the time they got to "this said kid" he was straddling the fence about ready to go over and....... it was...... almost to late and..............

They told him that "this said kid" could not climb the fence and all the kids around him were telling "this said kid" that he could not climb the fence. His reply was " Yeah, I can look, I just did. (I am sure that "this said kid" was rolling his eyes, in saying HELLO, DUH!!! I am a SUPERHERO!) In the end they got "this said kid" down from the fence and asked him why he was climbing the fence, his response " I was getting the ball on the otherside, we wanted to play with it." A few days before,"this said kid" was sitting next to a boy all quiet and shy and then out of nowhere they were wrestlying on the carpet trying to attack each other (of coarse it was all in fun the were playing I think transformers or something I was told.) Oh, and the teacher was asking "this said kid" what his mommy does- his reply "She makes cookies!"

Now a week or so before school started we were all at Walmart getting our free candybars, love the couponing, and we were checking out (now mind you we just went in to get the candy not a long drawn out visit, just a quicky)hehe... Anywho, back on to the subject we were in line and it was our turn next, well our new neighbor that we had not met was in front of us (what a quinky,dinky) we said hi, and she was talking to the lady behind us and "this said kid" decided to pass by her and jump into the freezer--- you know the one that holds all the ice cubes usually located at the front of the stores--- and sit on the ice and close the door. All the while I am trying to keep Jayden from jumping out of the cart and Cydney from adding gum to the candy purchase!!! I watched the whole thing unable to yell loud enough over our new neighbor( she was probably thinking this is why I am never having kids and this lady is crazy) "this said kid" comes back and says "that was cold"-- YOU THINK!!!! DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!! NO CANDY FOR YOU BUSTER!!

My favorite picture of the day!!!! I feel her pain. I am not sure I remember what she was crying about, all I remember is that I definatelly felt her pain that day and I am shocked I got such a cute picture of her crying, don't worry as soon as I picked her up she was fine. I just had to get that picture, maybe one day when we have saved up enough I can get a cool camera and take better pics but for now I think I am doing a pretty good job.

And then my next favorite picture!!!! Self explanitory!!!!