Sunday, December 28, 2008

Austin's Christmas Miracle on You tube

Quinn and Joanna have made this wonderful little movie of the cutest Austin ever. What you need is a box of tissues and the telephone because you will want to call Joanna after you see this.
Oh, and click on the site

Caught Red Handed

So Cydney got a Mp3 Player for Christmas and she was singing and dancing totally cute. I had to record it. Well, in mid recording she finally noticed I was recording her, well, then she, my little actress, was giving her all. I love the Mp3 player in the fact that I don't have to hear HSM over and over and Hannah Montana a million times, I just get to listen to her sing it and it is way cute, it makes me laugh a lot. Oh, in the clip from the Flip she is singing to none other than DR. JONES and BARBIE SONG from the 90s band AQUA. Yes it is sad I still have that cd, that my friend is hilarious.....

And of course there is Cydney pulling Jayden in her new wagon. Too funny!!

Frist Center

Cydney,Kurt and Jayden at the Frist Center downtown Nashville.
Isn't she so cute!! Daddy is holding her, sorry Kurt didn't mean to chop your head, had to post, it is such a cute pic of her.

Spence and I building something out of the "organic" wood blocks..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Spencer is way excited over all his presents!!!
She was totally excited her face was lit up all day. What a kodac moment.

Isn't she sooo cute, Cydney and Spencer woke her up at 5 something she is so excited and extremely tired too.

Later that day we went to go and see Bedtime Stories as a family, it was fun.
I tried to download a video of that morning but it was tooo long so I need to clip it down and then I will put it on.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Christmas Eve!

We had Christmas Eve with Joanna, Quinn, and Austin. I just now noticed that Austin is lookin' at the ceiling fan, how cute. Joanna and I just got done with a little water fight. She totally cheated you will have to ask her for details, the little cheater.....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So this is what we did during Stake Conference and it was all Joanna's Fault!!

Ok, so we weren't paying a whole lot attention to the people who were talking at stake conference, but who could when Joanna was making Jayden do this the whole time. PS I don't think that cameras were aloud but this isn't a camera it was a Flip Cam. Totally not the same thing.

I was going to post another video but they take a little longer than a decade to download. So, I will have to post another one tomorrow.

Hop on the good ol' blog on Christmas I am going to download the kiddos opening there gifts!!!

Some more fun in December!

I love this one, all except for the fact that it is a little blurry, thank goodness we are getting a camera for Christmas. Thanks to Mrs. Claus for getting up at the butt crack of dawn, forget it, it was still dark and the parking lot was full of crazy's at the good ol' Wally World (aka Walmart).

I took those pics this morning 12/21/08. Right before chuch. Aren't they so adorable!! I think so too!!!

Cydney has lost her front teeth just in time for Christmas. All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth, an Ipod, fashion clothes, webkins......................................

Sheesh she should just be thankful to get her two front teeth so she can eat her favorite food again, or talk right.

Cydney got up one morning and made a hide out in her room well it was not big enough for her so her, Spencer and daddy all helped make this huge one in the living room on Sunday. They watched Ester, and Samuel the Lamanite (thanks grandma Nancy) we totally love the movies.
It was really fun while it lasted you should have seen the popcorn pile the vacuum sure was full after that little party.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas Santa!!!!

SO we made it out to see Santa tonight, look how cute they all are. Cydney is asking for her two front teeth, she has lost so many in the last month in a half, it is incredible. She has only lost one of the top, but the other is hangin' seriously hangin' on by a thin piece of gums. Spencer wants Iron Man and Transformers of coarse. And Jayden just wants to make it to her first birthday.
Which is January 22,2009 ahhhhhhhhh!!! She is growing so quick!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

Ok, while you guys were out partying with all the family we had our own little party with the "Williams's" and Jayden's window friend....
Here are some of the pictures, Joanna took alot more, my cam is on the frists so for Christmas Santa picked me up a Black Friday deal at the local Wally World. I totally want to open it but someone not mentioning any names here won't let me, so I wrapped it.

Oh, I thought this was hilarious, she kept on doing this all day with little toys so I had to take a picture. It looks like she is part beaver hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
But still amazingly cute in her new bow grandma made for her, thanks mom.... :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Project...... Landscape for everyone but me......haha/ oh and my new hair

Here is our humble home okay, so we are going to landscape the front yard in the spring, we need ideas, let them roll on in, so comment lots. There is a tree in the center, and the bushes in the front. That is it. A couple of other things it needs to be low maintenance, because everyyear I non-intentionally kill 3 bushes. So, you need to find me the names and tell me how to plant and where to plant it is going to be a big job for anyone who reads this, and I know who you are so I will be hunting you down come the spring so start now, because I am totally clueless. Otherwise this would have been done a loooooonnnngggg time ago, becuase lets be honest here, it is driving me crazy.
Look here is our railing that we did all (well almost all) by ourselves.
PS do you see the white paint streek down the center of the stairs, yeah someone thought that (he) not mentioning any names.... would so graciously help and we make (him) scrub and we scrubbed and got paint scrubber offer stuff and it is still there. We are going to get a power sprayer thingy to hopefully get it off. So perdy huh!!

Oh, look here is the cause.....
Spencer and I one day wanted to make a scary haunted house and eat it all up well the gingerbread that we made was to soft so we had to hurry and take a quick pic before it fell again, right after this pic was taken it fell again, so we just ate it, untill we got sick and then we threw it out.

Here is a pic of sweet Jade and my hair lightish (look down....)

And here it is with the "A la Naomi StyleBox O'Wallyworld" so what do ya think?? It is kinda close up I am totally sure I could look alot better but when it is just me and Spence cookin up somethin' good and tastey in the good ol' kitchen then there ya go, a close up I am suprised actually that there is no frosting on us. I am pretty sure that was the day we made the HAUNTED gingerbread house. ooohhhhh..... Scary...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spencer Cool dude!!!

Look how awesome Spence is playing soccer he is doing so much better, kicking the ball and husling down the field.
I got the ball, don't worry it is somewhere in here, this net is crazy, I got it, I got it!!!!
I rock at soccer!!!

This is Cydney in all her glory riding the big pink bike without training wells, look how great she is doing!!!
This is her adorable smile when she knows I am taking a picture of her, while she is riding her bike.
And this is how she stops because she is not sure how to use the brakes yet on this bike tooo funny huh!! It is an art, what she does is she rides really fast lets the bike slow down and jumps off oh so gracefully, she never gets hurt so there ya go!!

Jayden-- who do you think she looks more like?

So our camera needs to be updated, it is way to slow for Jayden. She we again getting into mischief by playing with all the tupperware and cups. The smile is still a cute one.

Look at me, oh how I love to suck on the wet washrag in the nice and bubbly bath oh the flavor is priceless. Yum!!

Here is Cydney's baby, but now is Jayden's. She loves to hug and kiss this baby.
What a cutie Jayden is she is already trying to take care of babies and yet she is only 8 months in this picture.

Halloween costumes part 1 !!!!!! More to come....

Here is Jayden she is the cutest Ladybug around and she is standing all by herself (well against the wall anyhow) She is sooo tired in this picture it is not even funny she was up past her bedtime by like 30+ minutes so here ya go!
Spence is sooo cute isn't he!! Well now this is his first costume too, just to all let you know that the boy is a growing, we bought this outfit at the begining of the month and he had to earn it so he took out the garbage and helped clean to earn quarters to add up to get his costume. Well, it was tooooooo small, lets just say he had a weggy all night at Cydney's school movie night. So, we returned it and now he is Captian Jack Sparrow ( the dead skeleton one ) and that costume was cheaper and much cooler I will post more pics when I get them.

Cydney posing for her Halloween night out, well pre Halloween night out. But now she is Sharpay so we need to get some more pictures of that too!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Dog bite

So, if I don't get better from my cold I guess I will be going in for the peanut butter shot

Sure hope I don't get a rabies, here are the fresh pics from the bite yesterday.



Jayden at one of her many mysterious adventures through the diaper bag!! and beyond!!!

What??What?? me?? I am not getting into anything, promise....

Holding still mom is not one of my strong suits. I prefer to be free and search for mula in your purse didn't ya know, hello..... (this is truly what she is thinking can't ya'll see it in her face)

I found it the loot I can crunch down on these babies or the container which ever comes first,hahahahaha......
Tell me that this pic is not one of the sweetest pics of me that you have ever seen, I am working on posing for all my pics! Gorgeous don't ya think!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jayden Anne

here is a little up close and personal

At the Zoo with our bestest buddies!!!

Some reason we went on one of the hotest days to the zoo. But it was still very fun. Cydney is holding her friend Isis's hand and Isabel's hand. Spencer is holding Braxen's and Liam's hand. They are our family friends.

Look we are adding another one to the family. Isn't she adorable... She needed to spray us not herself.... HAY!!! ELEPHANTE we are a sweatin' over here!!

My little First grader!!

My little first grader! Isn't she so beautiful. I am so proud of her. She is doing very well in school. She loves to help me out with Spencer and Jayden. She also loves High School Musical, her favorite character is Sharpay. Crazy but she wants all things Fabulous!!

Spencer at his practice!!

Kind of blurry but there he is!! The third from the left..

Wow, sorry these pics are blurry, but still the same handsome Spencer.
He has played in two games and when he starts playing he absolutely loves playing and kicks that soccer ball pretty hard!

I'm AWAKE!!!!!!!

Here I am still awake and ready to eat with the family.......... Slowly I am trying so hard to stay awake......

Wow, ok, I am out....

I am sooo tired just trying to keep up with my big brother and sister...

Isn't she so cute..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

July and August

Okay tell me this is not funny!!! This man should not be running for Property Assessor. I can see him now. Vote for me Bill D Boner YES WE CAN!!! What a slogen. I think I just might!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Cydney looks totally beat from the hot day at the zoo, but Spence is totally lovin' it and wants more, and more, and more!!! We all took a really long nap after that day we were sooooo tired!! Spence's smile is so handsome don't ya think!!

You asked for it and here is the new and improved Cydney Jayne Forsyth. Ain't her hair sooo cute!!! I mean really what a sass.
Cydney is donating her hair for wigs for kids.
Isn't she just so adorable. Still clueless how big she really is. I guess we should take he into the Doc to see. Crazy how time flies and she is soooo cute. And yes the flower does get radio frequencies (all the way from France :) hahaha!!)
So here we are another month another summer. I think that huger the flower the cuter!!