Tuesday, August 12, 2008

July and August

Okay tell me this is not funny!!! This man should not be running for Property Assessor. I can see him now. Vote for me Bill D Boner YES WE CAN!!! What a slogen. I think I just might!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Cydney looks totally beat from the hot day at the zoo, but Spence is totally lovin' it and wants more, and more, and more!!! We all took a really long nap after that day we were sooooo tired!! Spence's smile is so handsome don't ya think!!

You asked for it and here is the new and improved Cydney Jayne Forsyth. Ain't her hair sooo cute!!! I mean really what a sass.
Cydney is donating her hair for wigs for kids.
Isn't she just so adorable. Still clueless how big she really is. I guess we should take he into the Doc to see. Crazy how time flies and she is soooo cute. And yes the flower does get radio frequencies (all the way from France :) hahaha!!)
So here we are another month another summer. I think that huger the flower the cuter!!