Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tribute to Spencer

My handsome little boy turns five on April 6th. We celebrated a little early, but he totally did not mind at all. All these pics are from within the last year. From like summer of 2008 to now. I should have started from the top to bottom and finished with him at age 5 but I am still not very good at the blogging thing.
Spence here is opening one of his presents he got and loving it.!!!!
Spence doing one of the many funny faces he does, this is the bad/ super cool guy look!! hehehe!!!

Here he is sculpting transformers and blobs eating alive his Flash Man!! You can see part of mommy's blue flower I made......

Ok, this is how Spencer wanted to take his picture in the first place when Grandma Skidmore got this suit for him for his 5th b-day. But then I made him turn around...........

Look how handsome he looks!!!!

Spencer does the coolest tricks on this big wheel. He races down our driveway and does two or three 360's at the bottom of the cultisac. And sometimes he fly's up and into the neighbor's yard. It is really funny and I am crossing my fingers he won't get hurt. But if you know him, he always gots some kind of bruise or scar or bump from doing something daredevilish! (No broken bones YET though.... knock on wood.....)

Spencer posing in one of his crazy poses...

Here he is getting his dose of sugar, you know for the down moments of non-terrorizing the house. But look closely and you can see his CTR ring. If only that worked with bedtime and staying close to mommy at Target instead of running up and down the aisle screaming at the top of his lungs... just for fun.

Smyrna has one of the coolest parks this was in the colder months not sure which one???

Spencer being non else but SuperMan flying off the slide.

This was at the state farm. It was sooooo much fun. Isn't he too handsome in this pic? I think sooo.

Here he is Spence at the zoo.

Spencer is playing with organic legos at the Frist Center in Nashville.

Chritmas 2008 !!! Yeah!!!!

More Christmas !!!!!! Cheese your on camera!!!!

Spencer playing soccer last summer. Totally one of his sports, lots of running and kicking to of the best remedies for him!!
He so thinks he is awesome in this pic!!!

I am pretty sure we were at the park by the lake in this one. I think it was at Austin's first birthday party.

Spencer at the state fair again riding the ponies in August.
Cheese!!!! He sure does alot of those... TOOOO FUNNY!!
Anywho that is all the pics I have on this computer to show you of this last year as being 4 years old. Boy is he ever growing up to be a little man. He still wears his Spiderman costume. But not every minute of every day any more. Once in awhile he will wear it to Super Target or to another store, he always get a "wow!! look there is Spiderman!" from lots of passerbyers. He loves transformers, bionicles, legos, dinosaurs. His favorite shows are Scooby Doo, Sid the Science kid on PBS, Magic the School Bus, and any super hero show. He absolutely loves to learn about the body, loves to look at all my medical stuff, and loves to learn about muscles, bones, blood. He currently has a catepillar as a pet. Asked for a half wolf, half dog for his graduation present (from high school). He still has TONS and TONS of energy to out last all 5 of us put together. He can right his name, the alphabet, his numbers, read a couple of words draw snakes, houses, people, and all sorts of crazy things. He absolutely loves to go to church and "get candy" from his new teacher, so he said in his testimony last fast and testimony meeting in front of the whole congregation. It was too cute. We will be having a big party for him and his friends here on the 18th, he is really excited, I just need to send out the invites. There is soooo much more I could write but there is not enough space. I am just so thankful that this little guy is in our family. He is so much fun and most of the time has the hugest smile on his face or does the funniest/craziest things, he is also a very caring and loving big and little brother anyone could ask for.

Outside Play!!

Here are some newer pictures of the cutie pies out playing in the circle while the weather is warm for a day.
We have been having the strangest of weather out here in good ol' Tennessee. One day it is 74 to 78 degrees the next it is 40 and snowing. Weird I know.
Well Conference was awesome of course, Joanna and Quinn came up and watched it with us, so we celebrated Spence's Birthday early. it was way fun, we had some super yummy barbeque beef and chicken sandwiches and some yummy cookies and mini cupcakes (without the stick) :)
Cydney is so sweet to help her sister out!
Spencer to his 360's!!

Austin and Jayden are the best of buds, they are really too cute here together taking a ride!!

Jayden getting ready to roll.