Sunday, February 1, 2009

My TV !!!!!!! No My TV!!!!!!

"So, I was totally minding my own business" Austin was thinking....

"And decided to take over,ahahahahhhhh......"
This is my Signing Times movie.
So, this was one of the most hilarious moments when Austin was with us. He and Jayden would stand infront of the Tv fighting over who could stand there. I tried so hard not to laugh, they are so cute together. They are so calm most of the time, it is like they are attached at the hip. It has been sad though now that Austin did have to go home. We really miss all the entertainment he brought with him. Thanks again Joanna for letting him stay with us we really had tons of fun!! Please go out of town again so we can have him come and stay again, it was too much fun!!!Love ya!!

Jayden's new hide out!!

She absolutely loves to play in this cupboard and loves to play peekaboo too. She will push out my PC pans or get in and whine until I move them for her so she can get in and play. Too cute, I personally think!!!!

What a cheesy smile, I love it!

Here is Jayden carrying Austins sippy cup around. Pretty much if that cup was anywhere around she had to have it and it did not matter if Austin was in the middle of drinking it or not she would rip it out of his mouth and put in in hers. He did not seem to mind, he would do the exact same thing to her with her sippy cup. Hey there fam right. Same germs, right????


Austin and Jayden here at Chick Fil-A's they are too funny they kept on trying to reach each other and still each others food and drinks. It was so much fun to have Austin there with us.
Here are acouple of pics from when we celebrated Jayden's birthday 2 weeks or so ago. We all went to Chick Fil-A's we like that place, it is super yummie to my tummie!!!

Cydney and her daddy!! what cheezes!