Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas Santa!!!!

SO we made it out to see Santa tonight, look how cute they all are. Cydney is asking for her two front teeth, she has lost so many in the last month in a half, it is incredible. She has only lost one of the top, but the other is hangin' seriously hangin' on by a thin piece of gums. Spencer wants Iron Man and Transformers of coarse. And Jayden just wants to make it to her first birthday.
Which is January 22,2009 ahhhhhhhhh!!! She is growing so quick!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

Ok, while you guys were out partying with all the family we had our own little party with the "Williams's" and Jayden's window friend....
Here are some of the pictures, Joanna took alot more, my cam is on the frists so for Christmas Santa picked me up a Black Friday deal at the local Wally World. I totally want to open it but someone not mentioning any names here won't let me, so I wrapped it.

Oh, I thought this was hilarious, she kept on doing this all day with little toys so I had to take a picture. It looks like she is part beaver hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
But still amazingly cute in her new bow grandma made for her, thanks mom.... :)