Sunday, December 28, 2008

Austin's Christmas Miracle on You tube

Quinn and Joanna have made this wonderful little movie of the cutest Austin ever. What you need is a box of tissues and the telephone because you will want to call Joanna after you see this.
Oh, and click on the site

Caught Red Handed

So Cydney got a Mp3 Player for Christmas and she was singing and dancing totally cute. I had to record it. Well, in mid recording she finally noticed I was recording her, well, then she, my little actress, was giving her all. I love the Mp3 player in the fact that I don't have to hear HSM over and over and Hannah Montana a million times, I just get to listen to her sing it and it is way cute, it makes me laugh a lot. Oh, in the clip from the Flip she is singing to none other than DR. JONES and BARBIE SONG from the 90s band AQUA. Yes it is sad I still have that cd, that my friend is hilarious.....

And of course there is Cydney pulling Jayden in her new wagon. Too funny!!

Frist Center

Cydney,Kurt and Jayden at the Frist Center downtown Nashville.
Isn't she so cute!! Daddy is holding her, sorry Kurt didn't mean to chop your head, had to post, it is such a cute pic of her.

Spence and I building something out of the "organic" wood blocks..