Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spencer Cool dude!!!

Look how awesome Spence is playing soccer he is doing so much better, kicking the ball and husling down the field.
I got the ball, don't worry it is somewhere in here, this net is crazy, I got it, I got it!!!!
I rock at soccer!!!

This is Cydney in all her glory riding the big pink bike without training wells, look how great she is doing!!!
This is her adorable smile when she knows I am taking a picture of her, while she is riding her bike.
And this is how she stops because she is not sure how to use the brakes yet on this bike tooo funny huh!! It is an art, what she does is she rides really fast lets the bike slow down and jumps off oh so gracefully, she never gets hurt so there ya go!!

Jayden-- who do you think she looks more like?

So our camera needs to be updated, it is way to slow for Jayden. She we again getting into mischief by playing with all the tupperware and cups. The smile is still a cute one.

Look at me, oh how I love to suck on the wet washrag in the nice and bubbly bath oh the flavor is priceless. Yum!!

Here is Cydney's baby, but now is Jayden's. She loves to hug and kiss this baby.
What a cutie Jayden is she is already trying to take care of babies and yet she is only 8 months in this picture.

Halloween costumes part 1 !!!!!! More to come....

Here is Jayden she is the cutest Ladybug around and she is standing all by herself (well against the wall anyhow) She is sooo tired in this picture it is not even funny she was up past her bedtime by like 30+ minutes so here ya go!
Spence is sooo cute isn't he!! Well now this is his first costume too, just to all let you know that the boy is a growing, we bought this outfit at the begining of the month and he had to earn it so he took out the garbage and helped clean to earn quarters to add up to get his costume. Well, it was tooooooo small, lets just say he had a weggy all night at Cydney's school movie night. So, we returned it and now he is Captian Jack Sparrow ( the dead skeleton one ) and that costume was cheaper and much cooler I will post more pics when I get them.

Cydney posing for her Halloween night out, well pre Halloween night out. But now she is Sharpay so we need to get some more pictures of that too!!