Saturday, October 24, 2009

What do you think???

So, I am totally thinking about starting a blog. I will probably start it tomorrow. It will be injunction with acouple of other blogs to get the good deals, and the eats are at. So, tell me what you think. I know some of you out there are dying for some of my specials. So let me know what you think??

Grandma Skidmore Breakfast Anyone???

So, this morning I am feeling the Grandma Skidmore breakfast. Sounds good right? I know you all want to know what that is so I will tell you and you can have some too!!!
It contains: Scrambled eggs
all bran cereal (except I had Honey Nut Cheerios)
Juice (usually OJ)

And that is it. Oh yummy to my tummy.

Love ya Grandma!!

Tomorrow I am thinking a Grandma Nancy breakfast!!! You will have to find out tomorrow what that is.... She actually has two, I will eat her new one and my kids will eat the one I grew up with. Yummy!

Our Family Trip Northward Bound

So, we decided on a whim to visit our sweet friends the Berg's up in Iowa, and go to Nauvoo last weekend. On our ride home we realized we did not breakout the photo happy at the Berg's so sad to say there are no fam pics with our friends. :( But the memories will always be there, the kids are still talking about it, and Jayden is destined to get a stroller for here baby the little chairs are just not working and everytime we go to Target she "gets cranky" until we head over to the baby section and look at the strollers and babies. Thanks again "Berg's" for letting us come and see you!!! :)
So here we are on the carriage ride that was by far very interesting, but toooooo long for the kids, 1.5hours in the car and then 45 minutes on a carraige ride, they were ready to run!!

Here is the Nauvoo Temple, very beautiful don't you think.

Here are the cutest kids ever in front of the temple.

And here is one of the Christ statues in front of one of the Churches ????? I am not sure which one????

We had so much fun. Spencer and Cydney were able to make a rope and see how candles were made and how the cooked and make cookies. We also went to the Carthridge Jail, that I think we were only able to stay for 15 minutes top, the kids were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to restless, it was kind of embarressing, you could hardly hear the man speaking. All in all it was very "peaceful" and extremely neat to see and hear about Joseph Smith and to be apart of the history umpteen million years later......