Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here is our new addition!!!

And here he is!!! OHHHHHHH !!! Isn't he so adorable. He was beep beep beepin' (backing up) onto Spencer. They are watching Sid the Science Kid. We love that show. So we were all doing our hair this morning, and we were all trying on the huge pink flower. Well, Jayden did not want the flower in her hair but guess who did???
Austin!!!!!! HEHEHE, sorry Quinn but don't he look so precious.. He acually did not mind it being there. I took it out though, he is our roughin' toughin' minny Spencer! All boy. But his curls were too hard to resist putting the flower in. LOL.

So, here you go, I took it out the pretty flower. And now he is an all american boy! Yeah!!! Ready to aim the water bottle at whoever passes by.
We are having so much fun. That he was tuckered out by 9:04am and fell right to sleep for his nap. I think I am going to try to put Jayden down. (Yeah right, I wish she slept that good)
Love ya guys!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are still here I PROMISE!!

Ok so I have gotten into this new thing (well for me) anywho.... AAHAHHAHAHHHHHH!!!! It is called couponing, I know right, what a concept. I totally am loving it like crazy. Last week alone I got 10 toothpastes and 10 4packs of TP for FREE. Amazing isn't it, not to say the least I saving a "kit in cabudal" (old phrase, no idea how to spell it) in groceries, I got veges for free, thank goodness, like who really eats them anyway and now I got them for free, hehe. Anywho enough about me you all want to see pics of me cutie kiddos so here you go!!!

Cydney is such a poser, that is totally Jayden's hat but she looks too cute in it.

Awesome pic of Spener going down the slide. He is such a dare devil. This park comes with a fire pole and it is quite high, well I had been telling Spence to stay away from it because, honestly it freaks me out to see my 4 year old go down it. Well, one time we went and he says mom watcha and before I can say anything there he goes down it smooth sailin', like he was born slidin' down fire poles. He is so strong he held onto the top for awhile after he had done it acouple of times. Pretty sweeeeet if I say so myself, I sure could not hold myself up there. But here in this pic he is flyin' like superman.

Here she goes taking to the road in a Huggies wipie box. Beep, Beep out of my way!!!!

Well, love you all and I will post more soon!! Hopefully, I will get some time this week, we are expecting a new arrival this Monday night and we are extremely excited!!!!!

I will post pics to show you how cute our arrival looks with out cute little family!!!