Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning!!!

Yeah!!!! We scored from santa this year! Love you!!!!!

Pouting anyone.

Jayden at her finest, she was upset because I would not let her have a cookie before lunch. I tried to give her one shortly after and well, she as you can tell started to smirk and got the cookie. She is a little spoiled, don't ya think.

Cydney Christmas Pics

Here is a pic of Cydney when we were trying for the 2nd time to get Family Christmas pics, she is so pretty! Spencer took this pic of Cydney relaxing on the couch. Looks so nice to to relax.

This is at Cydney's 2nd grade program. They all wore there jammies. It was so cute and Cydney did really well at her part. She had a solo, reading it was awesome! Go Cydney!

Jumpin" Around

Just the other day we set all the pillows up in the living room and well we all started to jump as high as we could and land on the pillows. The kiddos had sooo much, they loved it. Even when they landed on each other they still were laughing and having so much fun.