Saturday, May 16, 2009

Countdown to New Jersey

We are sooooooo excited to go see Granpy and Grandma Skidmore on June 6th. If anyone has ideas on what my kids can do in truck for 16 hours straight. Let me know. I am in desperation and need. I have two games and movies. But I really need more ideas so comment and let me know!!!

Discovery Center

I took the kids to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro, Tn. And here is some of the many things we did...... We love this place, I am thinking about getting a season pass.

OK, so a couple of weeks ago many of you know we got a flat tire in the truck, flat is an understatement, I tore a whole in the tire. I am so glad that Spencer is learning to change tires, because we sure could of used his skill then. This is too handsome of my little man, very big of him. Spencer has really gotten into writing and making books lately, here he is writing and coloring in a new book he is making.
Jayden thinking " If only I could swim, I could catch all those turtles"

Spencer and Cydney playing toss the bean bag. They are pretty awesome at getting it through the hole. I think they only missed a couple of times.

This is how Jayden plays toss the bean bag. She goes from behind and throws. Smart thinking!!

This rocking horse was by far Jayden's favorite thing at the Discovery center it was near impossible to get her off of it. People we starting to look..... When I so graciously pried her off of the horsey. Looks like we will be investing in horse back riding lesson in the very near future.

Look at my two turtles!! Oh how cute!! To bad they don't have the same speed as a turtle I would then be able to keep up with them. But then again, that would be too boring. I am glad most of the time that my kids are so active and have such enthusiasm for life and are excited about everything!

This is the water works area. We had so much fun getting wet!!! And learning about how water can be a great source of energy!! But mainly to get wet and have fun in, come on people, water is recreation!!! Right!!

Cydney and Spencer are having so so so much fun getting there feet wet and finding tadpoles in the river. Cydney managed to just get her feet wet but Spencer was drenched he kept on falling over. It was pretty funny, I thinkg by the 2nd time he thought it was funny, and I said it was time to go before things got a "little" out of hand, can you imagine???

Can you see Cydney and Spencer they are hidden in the trees trying to find Tadpoles in the river??!!!!!

My B-day!!!! Just so you know I am only 21!!

Ok, so I am really a little older than 21. But I look it right!! Anywho, I started my day out great we had Spencer's Birthday party that day and Kurt was able to get work off. Well, I (at the very last minute) decided to get a trim, well, I figured if I showed a picture and told her I was growing out my hair she would get the jist and not butcher it well if you keep on scrolling you will see what I mean. It is not too bad, but I have bangs very, very, very, very, very, very short ones!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So, needless to say I will be pinning them back for months till they grow back out. I have also vowed never to let anyone touch my hair again. In January my wonderful hair was scorched, and now it is butchered. Tennessee hairstylists are crazy!!!!!!!!! Anywho, Iwas in tears, if you know me I never cry I tend to laugh hard and loud. Well, I was crying really bad at the salon and was all the way home. It was probably a combo of hair/getting younger/ girl time/ really tired/etc......
So, to get off my soap box thanks to Jonana Kurt was able to take me on this treasure hunt date, it was awesome and made me feel better. Well, one of our stops downtown was at the Cadillac Ranch where we listened to this guy sing, he was actually quite good. We had a soda there.
Here is the Caddy that is in this particular bar.

Here we are. Look how young I am........

Totally cute out fit I must say, I wonder who picked that out????? (Joanna)
Excuse the arms they are being worked on. (Crazy pushups and weights honestly I can barely type they hurt so good. :) HEHEHEHE....)

Well, I hope you are enjoying the Blog because there is always more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhahahahahahahha!!!!