Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Dog bite

So, if I don't get better from my cold I guess I will be going in for the peanut butter shot

Sure hope I don't get a rabies, here are the fresh pics from the bite yesterday.



Jayden at one of her many mysterious adventures through the diaper bag!! and beyond!!!

What??What?? me?? I am not getting into anything, promise....

Holding still mom is not one of my strong suits. I prefer to be free and search for mula in your purse didn't ya know, hello..... (this is truly what she is thinking can't ya'll see it in her face)

I found it the loot I can crunch down on these babies or the container which ever comes first,hahahahaha......
Tell me that this pic is not one of the sweetest pics of me that you have ever seen, I am working on posing for all my pics! Gorgeous don't ya think!