Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snowing in Tennessee??

Ok, so let me tell you... If it bloody snows out here in the south there is no school and they shut down he whole city, there is NO MILK, EGGS, or BREAD to be found in the whole state, not 2 0r 3 counties, the whole state. People are sliding all over the road and dying because they are "silly" drivers.

But in the meantime, here is Cydney making a snow angle, we had to do some modifying of my old snow pants to make them fit her. She did not care she was having way to much fun!

Jayden meet snow. Snow meet Jayden. It took her along time to move from this place. She looks sooo warm. I am sooo glad I saved all our snow suits from when we lived in Utah, score 1 for Nomi!

Spencer thinking that it would rock to scooter on down the driveway with a coat of ice on it. Let us just say, I am glad he is a quick one because there would have been some serious cryin' involved.

Oh, and the bread making, oh the bread making, it was soooo good this time that it was consumed in one day. I had to make more, of coarse.

I thought I would post this gorgeous person on this site. I found the pic somewhere and thought wow, she is so pretty. (hehe.)
(BTW.... this is my new pose, I look so skinny here, well I think so.) Oh, and I bought a box of the good ol' hair dye, so my hair is well, maybe I will post it some other time when I get it fixed....LOL
So, that is what we have been up to, besides.... trying(hard) to sell our cute house, keep it clean, potty train Jayde, snow days, my new blog, starting school in March, and Kurt is going to get a job in March out in Utah. Yep, you heard it right.... I will be a single mom for a couple of weeks, I will be calling you all a lot so you can check to see if I am still sain. Which to this date is still questionable.... LOL

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Jessie and kids said...

love your new blog and yes you do look skinny! I need to follow your lead and borrow Joanna's Jillian dvd!