Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some of those crazy things we saw on the road to Utah!

This here is my favorite picture I took on the whole ride to Utah. Jayden and her awesome stickers. I wonder who put those there???? Any guesses?? Red head or blonde, hummmmm.....

Ok, so for all those who saw how po-dunk we all looked well these people topped us. They chopped off half of there truck to use as a trailer. And people were all thinking we were weird. ahahahahahahaha!!!!!! (evil laugh there....) Just kidding.... Right??

Ok, so here's the plan....... Ya'll see them there tires on the trailer bed now don't ya? Well, I was a thinkin' that we could just pull up real close stick Cydney out the there winda, she could cut the wirez/chains and we could put them thier rock awesome tires on me said here truck. It is totally possible riught? Let'z go ya here!!! Cydney ya ready......

So, you might have noticed Cydney did not think that was a good plan so we v-toad that one out of the picture. Anywho, so here is my new plan on savin' energy, we could use really big white windmills. Oh, hay!!!! (ya, I know the spellin, did it on purpose folks) LOOK someone already stole my idea. I gotta get on it!!! SHEESH!!

100 bucks to who ever can guess what this picture is??? I will give you a clue, it is super cool in real life.